[WTB] TB6355 Bearings US

I am looking to replace the bearings in my TB6355 motors. I took out the old bearings and it looks like they use an NSK 698Z Bearing at the top and 2x NMB L-1680HH (688) bearings on the bottom.

I would like to replace these bearings with some of equal or greater quality so I don’t get yeeted while going down a hill. The problem is that I cannot find anyone selling these bearings in small quantities at a reasonable price.


You don’t have any local shops that sell bearings? Most of them can order any model


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@kylepls eBay would probably be your best bet.


I have replaced them once per motor after about 1000 miles. Got sealed ones from Amazon. Just specify the Id, od and thickness. Have done 300 on new ones.

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Hoe about this?