[WTB] truck for hub motor or complete kit EU

Hi, I need for next week a truck for a hub motors (koowheel). I would need a complete kit hub motors+truck if are a good offer. I’m in Spain. Thanks you. Regards.

I have these:

which costed 185 after shipping. They’re new, and there are 6 spare PUs with them so they will practically last “forever”. Would like to get as much as what i’ve spent on them if possible, because I can still use them on my upcoming shortboard build. They’re new 90MM replaceable hubs, can do 26MPH in 10S.

Hi, Thanks you for your offer, but i can’t spend this money. I’m looking a used trucks/hubs motors and cheaper. Regards.

Try this

Hi, Thanks you, but all I need is sold. Regards.


I have this kit http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-hub-motor-7051mm-350w2-6power-truck-front-truck-kit-p-617.html?zenid=18fd5ace7de0ff0728d21c808ca3a77a that I can spare. Its already used, the PU is already worn (typical hub motor heat damage) and I replaced the baseplate of the motor truck (for a better one :wink: ) but you can get them for 50€ plus shipping. I’m not at home but if you are interested I can take pictures tomorrow night.

I have a koowheel 97mm drive train. Front and back trucks with 2 extra sleeves. + 2front wheels + extra front and back trucks from skullboard.

Check out my hub motor listing

Ive also got some koowheel hubs from @J0ker3366 if youd like them, $60 + shipping for the rear truck, front truck. motors, and the matching wheels

I dont think I brought them home from school, but if I did Ill let you know , otherwise, the earliest I would be able to send them is the 20th of January