WTB: Tube for six shooter tire 6x2

Hello I’m looking a someone who may have a spare tube or tubes for 6x2 tires. One of my tubes has become damaged near the valve and is beyond repair. I think they can be had on Ali express but I don’t want to wait. I tried psychotiller, but all of his are spoken for at the moment. Perhaps someone bought a set of four spare tires and tubes and would sell them to me? or sell me 2 or one?

Not looking for links for now. I’d like to see if a forum member has any to sell first. Please don’t pm, just post here.


@moderators could we please make specifying the location mandatory?

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Canada the upper 10… The great white north… I don’t care where the tube comes from. If someone has one in France and will send it I will buy it. I need a tube. Location doesn’t matter to me.

Please just post if you have a tube you can spare.

TBF it does say it in his profile but yeah

Ya that’s what I do to see where people are from.

But here we are again with more posts not about the tube or tubes that I need. I would even buy a tube from Germany if there was one to be had. But no I get notifications about things not related to tubes :roll_eyes:

Dude you want our help - not the other way around. There are shops in Germany you can buy them from. They are obviously a little more expensive but I don’t think it is viable to order them from here. You could get them from AliExpress and pay express shipping and will end up cheaper. That is why I was interested in knowing where you are located. But it also reminded me that it is a PITA to not see right away where this should be posted.

Thank for your concern Daniel. Would it be ok with you if we waited until North America wakes up and we see if anyone can help first?

Your point of view, my point of view. Neither are wrong except maybe to each other. Do you have a tube?

Edit* 6 posts in and no tube :frowning:

Just for the sake of having it here: https://www.powerboard-dealer.de/shop/elektro-skateboards/700w-ersatzteile/ There is your tube from germany for 11€ without shipping.

Why am I even doing this?

It seems you can’t help yourself. Did you read my first post? It said no links for now. I’m quite capable of using google. Look I get that you are trying to help. Thanks. You’ve helped. Now stop :stop_sign:

9 posts in and no tube. This is what the mods should be monitoring.

You do realize I have some? Hell I designed the 3D printable hub for them…

This is exactly what I mean. If you sell them and ship worldwide why all the f******* hassle. I’m a pretty f******* nice guy. I get annoyed with stupid shit though.

Why didn’t you just say I have a tube where are you located? You would have had PayPal in your hand. FFS what a waste of time and loaded with BS. I could smell it in your first post.

Hopefully someone will just close this. I’ll ride my 97mm’s this summer.

Edit #2 I still need a tube though :joy:


I’ve got some, I’ll mail you 2 just pay the shipping. pM me an address and I’ll see what it costs. It’ll be tomorrow before I can send then though as it’s Sunday.


Thanks Mike, much appreciated. They are going on my redember build. Jamie is still working his magic on the deck. Just wanted to be prepped.