[WTB UK/EU] Remote, Spot Welder, Dual VESC

Mainly now looking for the remote. Mine broke in the recent leg breaking fall, but I am on track to ride again in a couple weeks.

As in the title. I suppose I’m also looking for nickel strips, shirnk wrap, fishpaper etc but I am assuming I will need to just order those from china. I can also swap for some LG HG2 Cells, A landyachtz Switch and a few other things.

Nkon.nl trusted source for batteries and all around building batteries. Get a malectrics spot welder. Is Eu as well. No need to order anything from china.


I have cells, just need everything else :slight_smile:

Still nkon than.

I have 12x0.2mm pure nickel (salt water tested), fish paper in sheets (25 x 25cm) and in roll (63mm x 10m),

I will get 12x0.15mm pure nickel in a week or two too.

let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile: