[WTB] [US] 1 kWh battery

I’m looking for a battery around 1kWh. It should be approximately two lithium cells tall (~36mm) by two lithium cells wide (~130mm), and length can be variable, as long as it fits inside of something like the DIYE hard shell. It should be a pack (or packs) with internal BMS’s. It’d be great to be 48v, but something lower like 36v is fine. Bonus points if you also have a hard shell case.

Budget is around $300.

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I have a 12s3p pack 40t cells I will sell you ultra cheap never used only charged once. It’s a M boards pack dimensions are listed on their site if you’re interested

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How cheap were you thinking?

200$ shipped.

Do you happen to have a hard case as well?

No I only have the battery

Also no charger FYI

Still interested in selling the battery? I think I’d like it

Pm sent. Need information

I’m having trouble finding PMs, where are they located?

If you’re on mobile check by clicking your profile image in the top right hand corner

Check now sorry