WTB(US) boosted battery pack

Looking to see if anyone has a boosted SR or XR battery for v2 they would want to sell. Bought one to play with for the summer while I collect parts for my DIY but I know range really takes a hit on it. Let me know what ya got

standard range 195 shipping included image https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boosted-Board-2nd-Generation-Standard-Range-Battery-Excellent-Condition/303221259527?hash=item4699653d07:g:bSIAAOSwCg9dJ7Lj

I have a standard range battery, doesn’t have BMS and I think has 3 bad cells, but you can get it working again with a new 12s bms. (or 10s if you remove the bad cells)

pm me with an offer, I’m just tryna get it off my hands

Would you consider trading it for a different, working battery pack that’s not boosted?

yeah pm me with pictures and details of the battery pack

I have an XR with only 8 cycles (not full cycles) I’m willing to sell for 275+ shipping