[WTB] Used Nano - X remote

Lookin to buy a nano x if anyone is selling a used one.

I’m in Portland OR

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I guess you don´t want a nano x…don´t ask why, just you don´t want one…:rofl:

but if you still want one, i think, @Skunk @DerelictRobot and @SeanHacker are in portland as well. maybe they get one complete together if they put all there broken ones into one bin


Yeah not the best remote

Mini remote is good, benchwheel, Hoyt puck

Why not? Can you guys elaborate? I had a mini and tossed it to the garbage bin in 24 hours. It was unbinding all the time. Worst remote ever for me. I see many guys are happy with It so i guess i was just unlucky. I also had an enertion but never used It. Looked good to me so i wonder what is wrong with it

poorly built, eventually the insides will start to break down

@b264 @DerelictRobot can probably explain it


Okie. Thanks

the nano x is from enertion.

@moon let´s add @venom121212 he might know as well why better not to use that one.

Yes i know. I mean the nano-x

My Nano-Xs have been fine.

I say let the guy buy what he wants to buy.

than you lucky :rofl:

just gave it a try for fun…

very interesting result


If you search for “something + issues”, then of course you will get results about the issues.

The same thing happens if you search for the other suggested remotes in this thread: “mini remote issues,” “benchwheel remote issues,” etc.

well that´s right! and @grrsona can for sure buy what ever remote he is up to. a lot of people use the nano x. so might be ok. as long as your charging plug not broke after 1 day, or the trigger get stuck at 100% throttle. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, the trigger thing would not be good on any remote.

As for the charge port… that actually did break on one of my two remotes. But it was the easiest solder fix I’ve ever done.

according to enertion they did some design quality reviews on the nano x. I don´t know what exactly, but maybe the next batches are with less issues.

Maybe they’ll get rid of the stupid calibration every time you switch it on :smiley:

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I think I have at total 8 nano x remote’s at home

  • Charge plug breaks: Check
  • Switch don’t works: Check
  • Swollen lipo battery: Check
  • Trigger stuck at 100%: Check
  • Trigger stuck at 0%: Check
  • Remote disconnect: Check

Link to my topic


This occurred within 5 minutes of setting up my Nano x correctly

The throttle trigger isn’t properly stopped in the design. If you press the throttle downwards instead of forward or back, the throttle will rub the casing plastic and get stuck.

I like the mini remote way better. It’s chunkier but gives you much more control. The maytech R2V2 has separate brake and throttle controls and has incredibly fine movement control.


This sums it up nicely.


Ha! I thought the sticking throttle was a cruise control “feature”…


It’s just a matter from which point of view you look on it :joy:

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