WTB: various diy parts, details in description

I’m looking to buy as many parts (lightly used is ok too) to cut down on costs for an eventual single belt driven build.

I’m looking for a good VESC (preferably better than torqueboards’ quality, but those aren’t bad as far as I know), a motor mount (for caliber v2) and pulley / belt system that is compatible with the Otang Kegel/Cags. Also a good 63mm motor, the 77a Otang wheels, caliber 2 50degree 160 / 184mm trucks.

USA shipping highly preferred. Thanks guys!

If you’re going budget, just get pretty much all your parts from @dickyho if you get his motor, mount, trucks and get enclosures/10S3P 20R from Vestar/Ownboard you will probably outvalue used parts. Cometboards also has really nice cheap ABS enclosures you should look into. If you need even cheaper 10S motors look into KEDA motors.

Sounds like you should do a bit more research.

So you want someone to come in and source all of this for you because you don’t feel like it?

Or you already know of places to get said items but want them for unreasonably cheap?

Come on now guy.


You have a specific build in mind but just want all used parts? Does your buddy have this board and you want it too but can’t afford it? Search bar is at the top, if you use it… It’ll be a much warmer forum experience for you.


@Sender bro I have plenty of sources where I could get new parts that I’ve chosen and nobody said anything about getting them “unreasonably cheap”. I just wanted to put out a post in case anybody had a part here and there that would fit these criteria. I’m gonna be buying new parts over time when I can afford it, if there’s a good used part I can get then I’ll go with that. No need to read between the lines g lol.

@venom121212 :ok_hand:

I have the purple kegals

@KaramQ thanks man, I think the purple ones are too hard for me, but I appreciate the heads up! good luck

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I’m selling this on Ebay and am flexible on price. Not sure if this is what you are looking for though…

ebay link here

@monsterbuilder thanks but I want to be able to adjust the pulley tension

@Anubis thanks for the cometboards recommendation!

I have 12mm torque board Kegel pulley and one set of orange kegels. May have a mount either a TB mount or marcmt mount i can sell too. Have to check if i have all the hardware

Oh and caliber 2 trucks as well 50 degrees. Probably need bee bushings and pivot culs tho