WTS 2 vesc Escape's & 2 focbox 1,7 good as new

As the title says, want to sell 2 vesc 6 escape with aluminium case 150€ each ( one of the best vesc I did try) with 2 extra alu case.

2 focbox like new, only swap for unity, not for sale. Buyer pays shipping, worldwide shipping available located in EU.

I’m happy with them just I want the new vesc 100/250 and is a bit steep the price, so I need funds. Pictures coming later

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Dibs on ESCapes if the deal works out (in PM).

dibs on vesc 6 @Mainsedora

Oh i might have misread… are you selling 2 escapes or 2 vesc and 6 escapes?

He’s selling 2 ESCapes I believe


if so then, of course, you are in front of me :wink: so i will take second dibs


Are the ESCapes sold or not?

Yes, SOLD :grin: