WTS - 200mm Surf rodz with @lrdesigns press fit adapter (riptide bushings) - $175 shipped


Selling my extra set of surf rodz with 70mm axles for $175 shipped. Comes with 45 degree black and 50 degree red baseplate, riptide barrel bushings and pivot cups, bearings, and @lrdesigns press fit adapters installed. Please read below the pictures for critical information on condition. Also, I added 2 10mm spacers for the red baseplate truck after taking pictures.

Pictures: IMG_5184 IMG_7579 IMG_1972 IMG_6689 IMG_6058 IMG_3009 IMG_4981 IMG_2441

Critical information:

  • To use the press fit adapters, you must either cut your own motor plates or buy them from Janux/@marcmt88. I think just motor plates is around $100, but you’ll have to ask him yourself.
  • red 50 degree baseplate is ridden for < 15 miles, but has scratches from installation.
  • Both hangars are unridden (outside of my bedroom). \
  • some of the bearings are unridden, some were ridden for < 15 miles
  • one of the press fit adapters have marks from an attempt to remove them, but no functionality has been lost.
  • spacers are a mix of new and old, so some have scratches.
  • I believe the pink bushings are riptide APS 87.5a and the white are Krank 87a based on the pictures from their website.

So like a little over the retail price I would actually probably go with psychotiller mounts and surfrodz actually just had there trucks on sale for $99

These have @lrdesigns press fit adapters ($50) plus riptide bushings and pivot cups ($30-40), hence why they’re above retail.

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Not at all when you consider the $50 press fit adapters.

Can we not rag on pricing on every WTS post? Buyers market here.


Sold! @admins please close this thread