WTS - ABEC 90mm 75a wheels $55 shipped SOLD

I’m located in California and will ship to continental US at the prices given.

Basically new 90mm ABEC 75a wheels - SOLD

basically new - I mounted pulleys and rode around my room (non electrified). There is dirt from the pulleys, and a very thin layer of the core was shaved on 2 of the wheels from inserting these on a metasurf drive - $55 IMG_0528 IMG_3556%202 IMG_3080 IMG_0865

@sender take it!!!

heck reserve it for him :rofl:

If he wants it! I do recommend he reads the description, as there are cosmetic issues as it was my first real build

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I’ll take the kegel pulley.

PM’d 10char

If you have these let me know. I’ll take them.

bump - sold items removed from post

bump - prices for some items reduced

How much for the deck shipped to uk?


How much to ship the abecs to nz?

bump - lowered prices - I highly prefer shipping to the US.

All items sold. @mods could we close this? Thanks

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