[WTS] Acton Blink Qu4tro SOLD [eu]

Brand new never used still sealed. 1400 euros or best offer.

Make offers? I’ll start off at 10$

(Pretty sure putting prices is a forum rule)

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I will take it for 20 :slight_smile: haha and yes its a forum rule

‎ $25.

30$ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).



Cheapest board ever haha.

one hundred american dolaroos

Seems you are bored…lol i am bored too 100$ leads! Who offers 110?

A nullion dollars

In all seriousness how did you end up with the board? Its a bit old by now isnt it, I genuinely dont know how much it would be. Its easily outperformed by the $800 4wd meepo awd, but I know it costs quite a lot more

So 150$ take it or leave it

But in all seriousness how much do you want for it? Would be nice if you gave a price


have you ever heard about google?

The price is in euros by the way. I plan to sell in [eu] unless someone plans to pay taxes again…

Right but how much do you want for it?

So what is your starting price. The forum states that you have to give a price you want it for in the currency you want it for.

Yup haha :slight_smile:

So little imagination…you worry me dudes. ok i will update first post.

Thats quite a high price for quite an old and out performed board. :slight_smile: Just trying to tell you that your set price is quite high. No need to be rude about it.:salt::salt:

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