Wts carbon fiber deck

ownboard Carbon fiber deck for sale - $200 obo, would love to trade it for a mountain board deck or possibly matrix trucks.

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Hello and welcome. What kind of mountain board deck are you interested in? And where are you located

Do you still have this deck? Will you ship to NYC?

yes i still have the deck and yeah im okay with shipping it to nyc as long as you cover the shipping cost.

im after any name brand mtb deck, Flux, Trampa, MBS decks preferably. im open for suggestions as long as they are similar prices or close to the same price. my deck new is $350 at boundmotor site and $375 on esk8supply site so any deck along the same price ill entertain.

People here don’t pay new prices for used bruh. :rofl:

Im not implying that at all, im simply using the cost as a price reference.

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I know. I just like fucking with everyone. I don’t even say bruh. :metal: