WTS Custom Kaly 2.0 deck and eboosted enclosure

Fresh out of the shop! Kaly 2.0 w: Evoosted enclosure. Medium flex but we added 2 layers of fiberglass to stiffen it up. $700

I would be happy to build one of my sexy batteries to put in it at a $100 dollar discount.


Price drop!

550 gets this deck and the eboosted enclosure

Is it still available?

This one sold but if you want a custom deck I can help you out.

I just got a deck like that one. Now I need an enclosure for it, do you have one?

That deck was one of a kind. :joy::man_shrugging: You need an enclosure for a Kaly deck?

Yes I do, you have one for sale?

Nah man I don’t… I can point you in the right direction though. Kaly DS 18650/21700 Enclosure – eBoosted Shop

Let me know if you need a sexy pack to fill it.

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That is definitely one sexy pack! What’s the cost? 12s6p or 12s8p

That’s a 12s8p p42a. Runs about $1200