Wts diy board focbox, 50km/h, 45km range 620dol

Hi, i have to sell a diy board. 620US dol. Location- Poland. Single Motor - turnigy sk3 6374 192kv 3250w Battery - vtc5 10s6p ~45km range

  • single focbox
  • v-max. 50km/h
  • caliber trucks -flywheel clones 90mm
  • diye motor mount
  • 4A charger
  • remote enertion nano x -16t/36t ratio If intrested contact me i will give more info.20190305_181623 20190305_181644 20190305_181635

This seems like a little much for this?


Its not a budget diy board .as you can see the specs are way better than for example. A backfire g2t.

Are you interested?

parts never sell for retail on here (new)

also we dont charge assembly fee unless it built by a known source, and that abs enclosure is janky super thin why not go with @psychotiller

Saw this thread as it was created… :joy::joy: Hive mind strong

You’ll never get the price you paid for assembled parts, on used board OP, that’s like me buying a used drill with word down bits and then asking full price for it :joy::joy:


80% of the original price is probably the best you can do

That would be 736$ USD

Honestly guys if the price is to high don’t buy it. If it doesn’t sell he’ll lower price. Yes things don’t sell at what you paid for them but unless you’re trying to negotiate a offer commenting is just cluttering his post


IMO it’s good price when he is selling his own time - and it’s preety good piece of work. Personally I’m impressed about the 6P battery - however build with enterion parts shows it’s not a cheap or crappy project. I’d like to see some pics from building process - will you share any ?

I didnt take any pictures of the build process. I can share you some. I think its not fair to tell some one that a almost new diy is worth less than the parts. I spent a lot of time tinkering selling and buying to get it finished.temp3 20190209_202746


I didint say its only 920. Its negotiable:)

If you are a bit interested we can talk about price and i can open the enclosure for you:)

How many miles does this have on it?

15 miles only


I totally believe that. It looks brand new, that’s why I asked

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Its just a bit dirty:)

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That’s not dirty at all. Dirty is when it has 15mm thick grime stuck all over it.




And yet here it is. As its clearly not spam or a blatant attempt at squeezing money from the valued members of this forum then no harm done imo. Nice little build and should go to a good home. Lets try not to mess up legitimate sales threads with non purchasing related posts. (apart from this one lol) This build will make someone very happy i’m sure. @Stas74 nice job and good luck with the sale.