WTS: ESCape, VESC 6 Alternative

I am selling a single ESCape, guaranteed to power up and work flawlessly when you receive it.


I bought 2 months ago, this one wouldn’t power up so I sent it to @JohnnyMeduse he said there was a short on the DRV and repaired it.

THis is what Johnny found… image

In the interim a friend needed an ESC and had the other one, so he got it. That leaves me with 1 and I really don’t need it as I have x4 extra FocBox’s and x2 TB VESC’s not being used.

I paid £150 ($195.00 US) for it, I’d like to get something close to that. PM me an offer, nothing ridiculous please and thank you.

I’ll look at trades for the following items…

x2 Surf Rodz TKP Hex 10mm hanger 177mm in raw or black x2 Surf Rodz TKP Adjustable Base Plates in any color Moonshine Rum Runner, preferably the 2018 model

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$9.99 shipped?


Ahhhhh, whos the funny man now :slight_smile:


what goes around comes around :grin:


You need to tell your girlfriend that, so she know karma’s looking out for her later in life :)…LOLOLOLOL


Snifffff smells like revenge…


Two sets, right?

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I really just need x2 hangers to replace the 2 that I’ve mangled and treated terribly, Im hoping they dont call children’s services on me :slight_smile:.

Just get some other color and strip the anodizing off.

I thought about that, but as they are only $27.50 a piece I figured Id wait it out. I’ve been meaning to pick up some greased lightning and try to strip anodizing, just never think about it when I’m at the store.

It’s sold, thanks folks.