3DS ESC Enclosure

So the bottom aluminium plate is missing. I 3d printed one and added inserts. It will be sturdy enough. If it breaks I’ll print another and send it over. Comes with appropriate bolts, 1 Unity style switch, and 1 random switch, and all the cable glands. Judt to be clear, the white plastic is POM and the black bottom plate is 3d printed in prusament PETG by me. If you need anything else ping me. The story behind this is that I used some OG focboxes originally, the DRV blew, I then got ESCapes but those have their own heatsink so I just printed an adapter for my ESCapes, and then I 3d printed my own ESC enclosure and so the 3ds top plate and POM enclosure have been sitting in a draw for months.

Also I sincerely apologize but I’m missing 1 enclosure bolt. It’s an M3x45 hex. Hopefully your local hardware store as it, mine unfortunately didn’t.


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