[WTS][EU] 6x New Trampa Vesc6 MKIV

6x Original vesc6 MKIV.

price: 215 euro for one + shipping

430 euro for two with free shipping inside EU + you can get free can cable if you need it :slight_smile:

I can ship worldwide!

do you have, by any chance, a VESC 75 300 laying around? :smiley: Iam looking for one in Germany/ EU

Unfortunately no, I have only vesc6 :frowning: you wanna do esk8 with 75/300?


Prices updated!


Last 2 pieces left!

Hey I have a mototec 1600w dual belt drive mountain board I recently replaced the lead acid batteries for a lithium ion 36v 20ah but about half throttle it kills the motors guessing too much amph for my controller . My motors are brushed 800watt (I know go brushless) I don’t even know how to start thT process. But would your vesc6 x 2 do the job?

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Vesc6 are the best you can buy at the moment. They would be overkill for your setup.

Unfortunately, all my vescs are sold. This could be closed if there is anyone to close