[WTS][EU][Denmark] Dusty ol' parts garage sale

[Updated with pictures and preliminary prices in reply below]

Hey, I’m considering selling my old attempt for parts which has been gathering dust for like 2-3 years by now. This post is more of trying to figure out whether anyone would be interested and what would they be worth atm, so I’m not including price yet as well as no pictures until there’s someone interested.

Context for all these parts: I built the board and rode total of maybe 40km (2-3 full charge cycles) in 2017 and then left it unused, because I had trouble with motor mount and gave up after realizing that I liked building it, but not riding it.


I have trucks as well ( Caliber I 50 degree trucks ) but one of them is grinded down a lot to fit shitty chinese motor mount I used, so probably nobody is really interested

Deck is for sale as well, but doubt anyone will want it ( Earthwing 41" Supermodel Green Stain )

I don’t think there’s anything else interesting inside.


Interested in quite a few parts maybe

Since there was some interest, I took it apart to take pictures of individual parts and preliminary prices:

Focbox - 100 eur

Modded radio and receiver: 25 eur

Battery with BMS (‘Ignition’ key setup (xt90 one), plugged xt60 is for charger, open ended xt60 is for vesc). Had proper ‘ignition’ button setup but blew it out since it had 50A current and focbox can peak to more than that so switched back to key. - 220 eur will include charger below.

Charger (xt60)

Flywheels 100 eur


Deck - 50 eur, trucks - 25 eur

Motor with chain drive - Best offer

Lights - best offer


Video of ‘revving’ it before disassembly as sort of proof that parts work:

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Dibs on the sk3 motor!! What’s the kv?

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SK3 - 6374-192kv


Ahhhh balls. Need the 149kv. Thanks man.

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I pay shipping for that motor :thinking::sunglasses:

Do you sell that deck with enclosure?

I’ll take the foc and the remote if still for grabs

I can, but it’s not in a nice state (bunch of connectors epoxied on the side wall)

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I just bought other board from someone else, but thanks for the reply.