[WTS][EU] DIY flux complete

  • Fluxmotion deck combo ( custom skin + glass frit)
  • Yzpower 8a charger
  • trampa treads 8" tyres + new set of 8" street tyres
  • hoyt puck midnight remote
  • Mbs rockstar 2 hubs
  • Kyk 6001 japanese bearings
  • Trampa single vescs 6 MKV
  • Samsung 40t cell 12s9p
  • Mbs matrix 2 baseplates
  • FatBoy320 hangers
  • Mbs shockblocks yellow x4, 2x orange, 2x red
  • Mbs rockstar bearing spacers
  • Flipsky 63100 170kv battle hardened 8mm shaft motors
  • 3D Servisas fatboy ss helical gear drive 1:4
  • llt smart bms, charge only
  • Davega X
  • Rear davega anti sink plate
  • 3dservisas CNC vesc 6 heatsink
  • Trampa bt module

Board + battery were entirely built by @Stanley in 2021. All I did was add Bt module. Ridden for only 175km. Board is in great shape except enclosure. It has many scratches and 2-3 bigger cracks, which were hot glued by me. You will get one new, unused enclosure (and other hardware which goes with it) with board but you will have to cut bigger hole for 3ds heatsink. Battery in great shape, perfectly balanced.

Price: parts are worth more than 3500 euro, selling for 2400 euro + shipping!

EU only and I won’t part it out.

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