[WTS] EU/DK Dirt cheap VESC 6.6 Dual, and Trampa mounts / Pulleys

Flipsky Vesc 6.6 Dual, won’t work with can in the newest build of vesc tool. (Works fine in older builds) Needs new PPM wires, should work just fine both sides react to input its a bit over two weeks old never got to use it. Sold as defective. 50EURO (Its just the vesc not the case) billede

IdeaTB 7.0 Mounts, Works with mini and full size trampa trucks one screw a bit rounded off but still goes in and screws of just fine. (For the crossbar) Comes with 72T Pulley for Superstar hubs and others? And 4 420mm 5m 15mm belts 110 Euro

Everythingn located in Denmark, buyer pays shipping and payment fees.

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can you confirm it works on Ack 3.103

did you contact Flipsky about it?

Do you still have the vesc. All I need. What was the price?

Do you have anything left for sale?