WTS [EU] Focbox UNITY *new* [SOLD]

Selling a brand new Focbox UNITY. I ll not use it for my build at this time, so I want to give someone else a chance to use it. Its exactly the price I paid for it.

315 Euro.



Looks a little bit expensive . I had bought mine for 295 new…

Really? Are u kidding me? U complaining now about that I paid 20 euros more? This comment is so unnecessary. u have have? Than u are not interested. Thank u.

I paid 315 euro including express shipping.



I paid 295€ for mine too, fun begins if you get them sexy-ass 105€ of taxes to make the unity cost 400€. This price is so cheap, I would have rather got this, than bought straight from enertion.



The funny thing is you both paid the same price, because you both got them from me. Only difference was in shipping costs.


Tfw, the source brings in the shaming… :laughing:

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How many u got man :rofl:

No shaming, just misunderstanding. The base price they both paid was the same, one is including the shipping cost the other isn’t. For the record the total price for @pjotr47 was €310 with standard DHL shipping, but it was out of Germany so @StefanMe only paid €5 more but got express shipping within Germany.

I had 2 extra.

They also sold fast, so there is demand for them. I think the price is fair considering the current price on Enertion and the time you’d need to wait if purchased from them.


HAHAH That means he is complaining about 5 euros… ? God thanks @pjotr47 u made my day. I should raise the price.

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you can pretty much charge what you want for them.
The added cost is all dependent on the price people place on the time they would need to wait for Enertion to get a second batch out.
I also think the sales volume was highly over exaggerated. During the pre sale period there was all this talk as if they had sold thousands, yet there is Enertion customer support talking about how there is 200 unities in the wild. So there really isn’t that many unity’s out there. Even less already in EU

I think they even mentioned something about doing about 200 units for the first run. Seems about right

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All good boys! Hope you can sell that nice unity :slight_smile: Happy Christmas to you all

Nah we just have a ton in raptor 2.1s, with drive kits and we also set some aside for warranty replacement. The first order was 1k units but I think about 300 went to DIY.