[WTS][EU]New Flux deck + enclosure + 12s11p 30Q with smart bms

Selling new Flux motion deck with enclosure and 12s11p samsung 30Q battery with smart bms. everything new, not even mounted.

charging port of your choice: 5.5x2.1, 5.5x2.5, xt30, mr16, something else… fuse of your choice: 5-20A

price: 970 euro + shipping

add on:

-pair of new Vertigo Trampa trucks with barrels. Red or black baseplate. Barrels can be exchanged for springs, just ask, I’ll check which color of dampas I have. Notice: to mount Vertigo trucks, you will have to drill 4 holes in a deck. price: 200 euro for a set

-dual ESCape with heatsink - this esc is used for probably 2k km if not more. working perfectly. price: 220 euro


Still for sale?

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This one is sold. But I can build new one, 12s9p molicel p42a. Samsung 30Q are not available anymore.

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Thanks for letting me know

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what do you have ready right now?

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From were are you sending? Thanks

I have trucks only at the moment. + I can not ship battery out of EU.

@Africaans I am shipping from Croatia