[WTS] [EU - NL] Complete esk8 build

I’m selling this board because I need to do expensive repairs on my car and I don’t use this board anymore.

I’m not sure but I’m guessing I haven’t ridden anything more than 300km on this thing.


  • Jet potato rocker deck
  • Blood orange griptape, which is SUPER grippy
  • Psychotiller enclosure
  • Caliber II trucks
  • 90mm ABEC core clones
  • Bones Reds bearings
  • TB 6355 sensored dual drive with @marcmt88 motormounts
  • Flipsky vesc 6.6 dual
  • 14T/36T pulleys
  • 10S4P 30Q pack built by @pjotr47 see https://www.instagram.com/p/BvHDwBjlTEe/
  • Xlr charge port with 3A charger
  • Metr Pro
  • Freebord bindings
  • 5mm thick x-things included if you don’t like the freebord bindings
  • The always reliable mini-remote
  • 90mm wall hooks to store the board on the wall, with hooks for loopkey and/or remote
  • Also included are a few replacement belts

My 90kg weight gives me a top speed of 42km/h And the furthest I’ve ridden it is 30km I think (I don’t track every ride).

PRICE; This build cost me around €1300, I’m trying to get €800 (excl. shipping) for this. Open for offers.

I am willing to ship within EU, but ONLY insured.

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Man this is in pristine condition. Try selling it over at

forum. esk8. news

I think this will sell more for 900-1000 euros tbh. Buildkitboards are like 750 and they only have cheap 50a esc and 10s3p battery. Plus shipping them to the EU is expensive so your build is right in that domain. 900 sounds good man

It’s already for sale over there, but no offers in 9 days (well, had 1 offer of 375, which is quite offending tbh). That’s the reason I’m posting it here.

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damn well i missed that thread, sorry.

lmao was is @Kellag?

No it was some dude on our country’s ebay. Said: “Not to insult you, but the market moves fast, those things lose value”

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lol well he is a dick

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