[WTS] [EU] Parts for sale (vesc, bms, esc, motors, remote,...)

i forgot to ask… how many days until it will reach here?

Sorry it’s me who forgot to answer. UPS says delivery next day in Europe. I can send the package hopefully tomorrow, I suppose you will receive it Thursday.

Here are the pictures of the motor + the mount. I still have a set of motor and belt pulley that I can sell if you want.

only motor and mount… its a deal then… ill send the money this afternoon by paypal… how much all in all?

Ok, that would be 115€ shipping included. I’ll pm you my details for the payment. If you do it today I’ll be able to ship it tomorrow.

can you sell me 30euro for the mount since im not your if it will fit on my trucks… my trucks looks like same as the banana board which is like round not like caliber ii that is like square. ill send today via paypal 105eu total can i?

I would like at least 110€ I can’t go lower. Sorry.

ok… when i got home ill send and msg right away

If the deal with the mount falls through I might be interested. How much do you want for the mount? You also said you have set of motor and wheel pulley? What teeth are those?

im using chain and sprocket pm me a foti what u have so i could see

Hi superflim, sorry but I have no more mount to sell. The motor pulley is 16 teeth for 12 mm belt and the wheel pulley 36 teeth same 12 mm belt.

Hello Maka, if pjotr doesn’t take the maytech 6374-190 sensored I am in for the 2

What do you say to 100€ fir one vesc and one remote?

yow mate… i need new dual esc mtdu30a => 40€/pc* … still available and one torque 6355 190kv still also avail…