[WTS] [EU] Parts for sale (vesc, bms, esc, motors, remote,...)

Hi guys,

I’m selling some of the parts that I didn’t had time to use. All the parts are new if not marked otherwise. I’m from Belgium, items can be shipped, the price doesn’t include shipping cost.

0x new maytech motors 6374-190 sensored => 70€/pc
(2 reserved to pjotr47)

1x new maytech motors 6355-170 sensored => 60€/pc
(2 reserved to Superflim))

3x new dual esc mtdu30a => 40€/pc

3x new maytech vesc w/ canbus cable => 65€/pc

2x new maytech remote controller => 40€/pc

1x fried unik vesc (i’ll include 2 new drv ships) => 20€

1x used torque vesc => 60€

1x used alien remote => 30€

2x new Bestech 10S BMS => 25€/pc file-20

2x new Bestech 12S BMS => 25€/pc file1-15

1x used batterysupports BMS 10S => 25€

(1x used torque motor 6355 190kv sensored => 60€ reserved to WyvernX)

1x used torque on off power switch => 50€


I’ll be updating the post with the pictures :slight_smile:


Interested in 6355 170kvs & mtdu30a (it’s for belt or hub version?) pics please :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the post with some pictures. I’m not sure about hub and/or belt motors for the dual-esc. I’ve tried belt motor and it seemed to work.

Dibs on the 190kv motors!

It’s written on the box it’s for belt. I’ll take 2x 6355 maytechs. I’ll take 2x maytech vescs. Motors are sensored, new, have key? Vescs are new, have can bus cable?

USB and canbus cable are included with the vescs, they are new.

Motors are new and sensored, no key included.

Pm for details please


Reserved for you two maytech VESCs and two maytech 6355 motors.

Hi, are you taking the two 190 motors ?

I see you unreserved the 6355s?

Sale went south? In that case I call dibs on those motors. X2

Yes indeed :smile:

The two 6355 are yours. PM me for details.

Whoops, just got a message from another motor seller whom i thought had vanished on me.

I hereby un-dibs the 6374 motors :sweat_smile:

Mees you are out on those motors?

Let me claim them then.

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Damn you @pjotr47. If you drop out I’ll take them…

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ok pjotr47 your are next :slight_smile:

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Is one of the 179kv motors still available?

There is one 6355 170kv left.

1x used torque motor 6355 190kv sensored => 60€ i need this XD… if have motor mount would be awesome… … how much shipping in madrid, spain/? and how many days? :smiley:

Hi, to Madrid with UPS it’s 12€.

In fact the motor is already attached to a torque board motor mount, I haven’t took the time to take them apart, I had some loctite applied in there. I was not planning on selling the mount, let me come back to you this afternoon with some pics and an updated price.


better sell them to me hehe… ok ill wait then :slight_smile: