[WTS] everything needs to go [US]

Selling my main parts to my board it went 35+mph but both of the motors have the a 16 tooth pulley on and the clamps have a screw from home depot I replaced for looks20190710_162232 20190710_162247 20190710_162249 20190710_162256 both mounts for 30 +shipping both from torque boards ![20190710_162309|375x500] (upload://mDkdJG9aoKlg0ji3g2EflmfxG3b.jpeg) 20190710_162309 Aq 36th drive pulley and 16th pulley for 20 obo 20190710_162321 4 dead vesc for 20 plus shipping obo 20190710_162332 [Sold]Flier dual motor 150a esc for 50 plus shipping 20190710_162353 20190710_162404 [Sold]12s4p torque boards battery with battery LCD and USB ports only thing I did was switch the charging to xt90 and also comes with enclosure for 250 and shipping 20190710_162416 20190710_162420 [sold]two 6374 190kv motors both working just can’t take the 16th tooth pulleys off and one shell is hard to get off other than that they both work fine 20190710_162438 20190710_162444 10s2p battery brand new thought I would use it for a small build but changed my mine looking for 50 obo

Interested in the battery, can you put it on hold?

I’d like to know cell type and how do you charge it too

Which battery

Small one please

How does that small battery charge? I see no charge port…

Also what cells are used?

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How long have the parts been used, also how many cycles d you have on the TB battery and what cells are they?

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Are those 50xx mounts?

Samsung on both and I’ve had it for a year but I barely used it

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Interested in the last battery you listed for sure if you could save that for me

Ok for how much

Samsung what? They make a lot of cells.

25r, 30q, 30t, 40t…

30q the pink ones

I’ll take it for 50 if you can get me the dimensions when you get home

Ok ill send it in a bit

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Aw damn, I was gonna get that. Lemme know if you back out and I’ll take it

I guess calling dibs first means nothing to the seller :sob:

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Not sure if your being trustworthy, those packs are usually 25r. I’ve never seen one that was 30q, care to drop a link? Just looking out for my fellow esk8ers.


1562817263266193178435972029433 yeah sorry its not Samsung but the torque boards Is

I don’t recognize that cell type…pics of the rest of it while it’s open? (BMS, charge port, nickel welds)

I didn’t fully open it I don’t want to ruin the heat shrink

Does it have a charge port though?