WTS: Evolve 1st GEN carbon deck incl. Haggy Drive System

Hi boys n gals, trying to clean up my workshop. have this old Evolve 1st gen carbon deck collecting dust for sale. It comes with a used Haggy Drive System 2-in-1 (2x 6364 motors / 190kv)

USD 570,- excl. shipping OBO.

if you want two full functioning ESCape (vesc 6 clones) along with it, add USD 175,- (they fit perfectly side by side into the board)

This is a private sale. if you are just interested in the separate parts, feel free to let me know.

best Timo

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I’ll tave the two vesc as long as they are working

This sold already. It just hasn’t been updated here because nobody is on this forum and it (this post) doesn’t matter.

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Hello, good evening. I would like to buy the board if is possible please contact me back.thanks in advance +16474498752

Sorry already gone… But if you are interested in the drive train let me know. I still have some Best Timo

Anymore drives?