WTS Evolve 97mm Wheels

Hello world,

I have slightly used 97mm Evolve wheels, our roads are not good enough for 97mm so I went up to 107 F1…

As you can see on the images they have some chips, I have pictured the worst part of every wheel, so you have clear picture of the state they are in… I’ve ridden them for about 2 weeks…

60e for a set + shipping from Serbia (Europe, but not European Union).

I hope someone will use them well

IMG_8286 IMG_8285 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8283 IMG_8284

Bump, price lowered to 60e

Dude FYI

44€ brand new including shipping and no chips. You’re not selling ABEC11 Refly sorry. Still wish you a fair sale.

Damn, never saw those… Evolve selling those for 130E here in europe…

Well at 130€ You got Unikboard who sells genuine Refly, Flywheel at competitive price, even Boa constrictor in EU



The shop is genuine too so for your next set of wheels you can upgrade :wink:

but are they really 78a or are they just a hard sh*t like most of the other clones out there?

Well it’s clones dude. At this price you won’t get much better IMHO ; and between Reflys/Boa and clones rebound you got Orangatang wheels which fit nicely.

Did you see the cyan Caguama 85mm BTW?

(And if you’re used to harder /lower wheels clones do feel pretty smooth and sticky)

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