WTS: Evolve trucks (front & rear) and motor mounts >> [SOLD]

I have a front & rear evolve truck and motor mounts for sale. I bought them thinking it would make for an easy build and I’m a big fan of carving, but these are just not a good fit for me. The trucks have less than 50 miles on them, the motor mounts I bought used so I don’t know but they appear to be in good structural condition.

This is what I paid…

Truck Assembly - Rear GT $84.99 https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/collections/gt-carbon-parts/products/gt-truck-assembly

Truck Assembly - Front $79.99 https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/products/gt-truck-assembly

x2 Evolve motor mounts $50.00 http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/evolve-parts/51619/6

Total without shipping: $214.98

Im asking $175.00 plus shipping, or if you have something to trade I’m looking for an Evolve AT kit (or other AT wheels) for a donor board, 6374 or larger motors.

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That’s a great deal let me tell my friend.

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these are sold, @moderators you are welcome to close the thread if you like.