WTS: Firefly remote, complete

I have a complete Firefly for sale. It has a green and black ABS case with green trigger and black wheel. I would like to get $100 + shipping. PM if interested



I am listing it as new even though it’s technically not, but the damaged components have been replaced and I have tested it to make sure it works. Here’s the entire chain of events.

I bought it from @SeeTheBridges, used it for an hour, had a spill, broke the case, sent it back to him with a new case (as seen in pics) for repair. He repaired it and sent it back. Somewhere in USPS system the display broke, so I sent it back again. I got busy and he was trying to finish up his kits so I told him he could put me at the end of the list as I was too busy to work on anything at that time anyways. Fast forward a few weeks and here it is again :).

Anyways, I like my Benchwheel and Maytech v2 remotes, I think I’m just gonna stick with them so this one is up for sale.

EDIT: this is the version that is programmable via the USB port.


Soooo tempting :sob::sob: I wouldn’t even know how to connect this or program anything

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It’s pretty simple, it has a uart cable and ppm cable that connect to the master vesc then you set it to ppm and usrt and set the baudrate rate to 9600. The last thing is do the ppm detection and your ready to go.


Hmm I had to use baud 115200 but the remote is good I like mine. It’s a good price I waited months for mine lol

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My understanding g is that it auto detects the baud rate but at 115200 mine didn’t work so I just dropped it to the bottom and it worked… Who knows :grin:.

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It’s sold, thanks everyone.

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