WTS Flipsky dual 6.6! New

Hallo I want to sel my unused dual flipsky 6.6! It does not fit the enclosure. It only tested on pc to check if it Works. So that is why the USB cutout. I live in Netherlands

Pm if interesed! 15390717373767016098932811022000 15390717589803689517944597072892

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add the price please

It is 120x91x20mm right?

Arround that minus the cables ofcours…

at least 260 euro? but its 260 new from flipsky, so after shipping it may cost more from you?

43 euro of taxes is needed to pay

You do realize your photos say that it has been used? The hear shrink has been cut for the usb and just connections. It also appears the jst connections have been broke in spots. And one of them looks as if it has a burn mark… Brand new never used means brand new never used. Screenshot_2018-10-09-23-46-26 Screenshot_2018-10-09-23-46-19 Screenshot_2018-10-09-23-46-08


Yeah we’d have no idea if its been used for any amount of time

Lol yes i cut out so the USB port is reachable,??? Burn marks. Wat everything is perfect, nothing burned or something. Also the jst pin came out like this? A bit bended i looks.

Probably used to test components. 0 km on the road.

Yes exact Never ridden only cut out to test if they f*King work

Sorry i wil change the topic. Brand new to cut the USB port open to test on pc. Sorry my fault

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You mifht want to add that to you details then. When I see new never used, I expect it to be new and never used. Testing included

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Ok. 10 charge

How much are you selling it for?

I think he originally wanted full retail plus more