[WTS - GER/EU] Trampa Urban Carveboard w 12s FSESC + 2x 6374

Due to medical conditions I wont use my build anymore and dont want to keep it

1x 35° TRAMPA Carve Board Deck

16ply SOLID Carve – STIFFEST

2x VERTIGO Trucks

BLACK Powder Coated Springs


4x 6.5Inch TRAMPA Urban Treads Tyre & Tube

5 Spoke SUPERSTAR Hubs

WHITE Gloss BLACK Logo Superstar Rim

RED Anodized Spokes

2x RATCHET Style Bindings

Black Strap with Black Foam Footstraps

RED Powdercoated with BLACK logo

RED Powder Coated Ratchet

1x Motormount Connector Panel & 62 Tooth Pulleys

1x BEAST Box to fit 2x 6s with Internal VESC Housing

1x Luxury Travel Bag


1x Dual FSESC6.6 Plus(Pro switch) based on Dual FSESC6.6


  • Voltage: 8V - 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo) for the dual ESC

  • Voltage spikes may not exceed 60V

  • Current: Continuous 100A single, total 200A , Instantaneous current 400A per single, total 800A for system instantaneous current

  • Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)

  • Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047


-Size: 78x78x20mm including heatsink

2x Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor Battle Hardened 6374 140KV 190KV 3500W

KV: 140/190KV

Max Power: 3500Watts

Max Current: 85 Amps

Max Volts: 12S

Max Torque: 8Nm

Motor Resistance: 0.05Ohm

Net weight: 980g

1x Screen Remote VX2 Pro compatible with VESC


Color screen

Option choice for km/h and miles/h

Option choice for FSESC and other VESC( FOCBOX)

2.4Ghz band width

Real time data reading and 0.95OLED display

Support 3 speed modes

Support cruise control mode

Remote and E-skateboard power indication lights

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Wrist strap

Battery last for 12 working hours

2x Turnigy Graphene Professional 8000mAh 6S 15C LiPo Pack w/XT90

Specs: Capacity: 8000mAh Voltage: 6S1P / 6 Cell / 22.2V Discharge: 15C Constant / 30C Burst Weight: 1110g (including wire, plug & case) Dimensions: 170x69x48mm Balance Plug: JST-XH

1900€ price negotiable

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Sucks about your medical issues man. Might have better luck selling as a whole on FB. :call_me_hand:

Is there a marketplace on FB??

Yea man. I’m way new on the old facebook. But there’s a bunch of them. What’s your FB thing I’ll send you an invite

@m4rc3l Hey man I am interested. Could you please contact me to discuss about it ? my email is [email protected]

No spam allowed

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