WTS Hummies new v4 hubs for sale UK - SOLD

I received my hummies new hubs a few days ago and im looking to swap for 2 battery packs or sell £600 shipped.

Brand spanking new!!! comes with extra set of hub thane :slight_smile:

Get in touch!

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Dude message @Sender

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You’re uk right?

Yes im UK based :slight_smile:

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What battery packs

Price and pics?

12s4p battery packs


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How much? 10 char

Send me a pm. I can make packs for you. We can trade :slight_smile:

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2x 12s 4p??? That’s a little too rich for me!

How much are you looking for?


Looking for £600 shipped :slight_smile:

Still up for sale guys. Selling all my esk8 stuff due to new ventures :slight_smile:

What else are you selling?

Set of 83mm trampa stickies £60 - new unused 1 x nano remote £40 each - new unused Evolve BGT deck £30 - used 2 x Evolve enclosure £20 each - used Evolve mounts £30 - new unused Evolve esc £80- use Evolve BMS £100 - used Evolve R1 remote £30 - used 2x Boostedbuilder Focbox mount for evolve enclosure - £40 each Fast charger - £30 - used Eboosted 12s universal enclosure - £50 new unused 8 x Motor pulleys £5 each - New unused Assorted Mount screws — FREE just pay shipping

Just a heads up, I won’t be reducing the prices. Already reduced prices based on used and current value


Shame just bought a pair of foxes

Your prices?