WTS: Lacroix DSS60 FOR SALE (NYC) W/ LIGHTS $1900

Lacroix Electric Skateboard DSS60 For sale $1900. Excellent condition. Includes:

New 8” kenda tires Thin m11 axle washers (less rolling resistance) New stainless Allen compartment m3 hardware 3D printed light mounts Headlights Rear LED Light not shown Bearings cleaned and serviced regularly Belt tension properly set Extra Gears Extra wheel Extra pulley Extra bearings Charger Remote

I’ve hit 42mph with the 8" inch Kenda tires. Used for less then 4 months, I’ve only gone through the original tires. Very Fast board. Reason for selling, is I’m thinking about get a fast uni.



God damn I wish you posted this a week ago xD already purchased my 144 batteries for my DIY, but would have been happy with this

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Great product presentation!

The pictures are incredible, looks so professional.

Great looking board! I have done some research and noticed this to be a premiere esk8 builder! I have a few questions…1) Have you experienced any issues at all with this board or remote? 2) Being a DSS60, what is the range you have gotten with moderate and aggressive riding/carving/off-road usage? 3) I live in VA, if I was interested in it, would you be willing to meet halfway or ship the board? Thanks!

SOLD. This board is sold.

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