WTS - Loaded Tesseract

Have a basically brand new Loaded Tesseract Deck that has been mounted. Just needed a deck to use to test a new battery and motor build out and didn’t have anything else readily available. Decided to use a different deck for my build.

$175 **** If purchased at full price I will include a *Psychotiller Enclosure for free that fits the deck perfectly ($70 value)

Located in Orange County, CA.

Will ship anywhere a buyer wants to pay for and make sure that it goes out in the mail the same/next day depending on the time of day.

Contact me here or email me directly at [email protected]

Description from the Loaded Website below.

The Loaded 39" Tesseract is designed for freeriding and downhill. Pressed with vertically laminated bamboo with triaxial epoxy and a cork veneer, it is stiff for stability. Measuring 39" in length and 9.75" in width, the symmetrical shape has kicktails for agility. The platform has rocker and a W concave for push comfort. The grip tape overflow acts as gas pedals without the angled edge. It has flared wheel wells prevent wheel bite and multiple wheelbase options.

Function: Downhill, Freeride Material: Vertically Laminated Bamboo, Triaxial Epoxy, Cork Veneer Features: Kicktails, Rocker, W Concave, Flared Wheel Wells, Multiple Wheelbase Options, Top Mount, Symmetrical Length: 39" Width: 9.75" Wheelbase: 24.5" - 26" Thickness: 0.5" Concave: 0.5" Rocker: 0.125" Hole Pattern: New School Grip: Die Cut Black Grip






Make me an offer, need to make room ASAP

$100 with local pickup.

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$125 and its yours if you come pick it up. Where do you live at?

Done. I’m in Orange.

Word! I’m just in Anaheim Hills so lmk when you wanna swing by.

I would love to go on a little ride when you come by if you’re down… would be cool to see that 4WD build you put together. I live in some good hills that you could really test it on that I ride on daily right where my pad is.


Sounds great, tomorrow evening or morning works, definitely can bring the 4wd. Pm to follow.


You kinda just leaked your own number


Yeah I just sent him a message to say hi, leaving him alone now :grin:

The forum has PMing for this kinda thing so that only Admins can read them. :wink: