WTS LongHairedBoy WitchBlade GT, 190kv RSPEC, 12s5p 30Q, Dual Focbox, 107mm Superflys, Ronin Trucks

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Selling my board. Being a poor student has taken a toll and its getting too cold to ride. Looking to fund an all terrain build next year anyways.

I’m located in Ontario, Canada.

The board is in FOC mode with pretty conservative settings. There are usb ports on the side of the box so you can easily change settings without having to take the enclosure off.

Range is 50-60km Top speed is at least 35mph (it can go 30mph uphill pretty easily).

Trucks are cast Ronins with brand new bushings pivots and support pins. They are incredibly turny (can uturn stupid easy) but also stable as fuck past 30mph… They are seriously incredible coming from Caliber 2’s.

The 107mm Abec 11 Superflys are dyed black (original lime green ones) they are in great shape.

The remote is a brand new Maytech.

The RSPEC 190kv motors are in great shape.

Charger is new as well.

Will include 40T bolt on pulleys (currently running 16/35 ratio) with additional belts (for both 35 and 40t pulleys).

I can ship to most places in the US, however local pickup or Canada shipping would be ideal.

What you see in the pictures is what you get!

I’m looking for $1500 USD.

Feel free to PM me any questions.

I might update this post with more info as time goes on.


F6ont see many LHBs boards get resold, I bet it goes quickly. Great looking build.


Does it come with Focboxes??

Yes dual focboxes running FOC mode.

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Epic, I can’t believe this is for sale :astonished:


Very nice! Great looking board. Someone will jump right on it! Good luck with your sale bro :+1:t3:

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Bad ass board. If i didn’t have far too many boards this would be very tempting.

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seriously wtf? selling this? Nooooooooooooooooooo! Why Canada? Why? Its not fair. I’d buy that just because its something I can build only done properly. Good luck with the sale and I’m serious I would buy this now if the import duties from Canada weren’t so silly. What did Canada ever do to Australia eh?

I predict another hour and its gone.

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Wow, amazed this isn’t gone yet. LHB’s stuff is a work of art.

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How many miles do you have on it ?

Board is still available.

I can post videos with vesc monitor overlay telemetry data if anyone is interested.

Show off the crazy capabilities of the board… lol.

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how many times has this board been sent back for any repairs/issues? :thinking:


I will purchase it from you. If it is still available.

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I’ll buy it from ya. DM me.

Was this sold?

hey would love to buy the board is it stil available ?

Jesus, why would you revive a 7 month old thread when the person above you said they’ll buy it? If it wasn’t sold, the owner would’ve bumped it by now.

i did it for you

is it still available can i get shipped to nyc?

I’m in possession of this board. In NYC, dm me if still interested.