WTS: test unridden equipment - new Vanda Vesc, new MES small remote, Abec 11 pulleys, Caliber II MarcMT mount, new Psychotiller Coupe enclosure

I’ve already sold the battery and motor, but I still have all the other components. New vanda vesc pre-wired Marcmt88’s CNC mount for Caliber II’s (w/ idlers!) $40. MES 3mm keyway 9mm motor pulley $10 Psychotiller Coupe enclosure (no longer made, unfortunately, it’s the perfect size for short decks.) $60 MES remote controller (new) [link] (https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/small-remote) $45 Flywheel pulleys for both 90mm and 85mm wheels, 40T and 36T respectively (Titoxd10001 sold these used, they still work) w/assortment of belts . $30 Pre-soldered anti-spark xt90 switch with xt60 connectors (works with the vanda vesc) $25.

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people will want pictures :wink:


Added, thanks for the tip!

Also, in the future, no need for multiple posts. You could put all of the things you want to sell in one post as not to clutter things. Good luck on the sale!


I think you meant 42v for a 12s pack

150 for it

battery and motor sold. Thanks everyone!

Any pics of the enclosure?

You have pics of everything?

yep, anything specifically you’re looking for?

Is it still available?

What components? Vesc? enclosure?

How much for VESC?

$110 shipped

Is this a single motor mount or dual?

Aren’t those vescs $95 new? I’d do $80

yeah if you want to wire all the contacts and everything yourself, feel free. Cost me 140 bucks to buy with all the wiring added on, and I’m not willing to take a 45% cut on new equipment. Good luck in your search

single mount

I apologize if I came across as blunt… I’m still a super n00b in the eboard world, so didn’t know wiring was that large an expense. Wiring consists of perhaps sensor wiring, motor wiring with connector, and bullet connectors to connect to the motor, right?