WTS Torqueboards Direct Drive 75kv EU - UK

Up again, had inquiries but no one has committed yet.

And up. A few more queries but no cash.

HI! May ask you a fovour? Maybe you have already given a try but would be possible for you to try to swap the hanger of the TB DD with caliber 2 hanger or paris. Of course in case you have them. I would need to know if the DD base plate is still caliber2 based. Thank you if you can make it happen! :grin:


I really want to help you with this Alessio, I even have a fresh caliber truck here but I just don’t want to mess around with the DD at all, I’d like to send it to the new owner exactly as it came from the factory. Its only spent about 20 seconds out of it’s box!

Hope you understand. @torqueboards Dexter can you help here? Does this badboy fit on a caliber 2 baseplate?

Hi man sure no problem. I know they are new. I just thought that unscrew the kingpin won’t affect it. Anyhow thank you very much. No problem really!

Tried it, won’t fit. The TB baseplate kingpin position is taller.

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Thanks man! That’s a pity so many different base plates. We should keep a standard one for future customisations. Thank you!