WTS: Trampa TPE concave pads

I initially 3D-printed these TPE concave pads for my MTB but decided to head into another direction. I would like € 35 for them. Offers are welcomd aswell. Shipping with DHL tracked: in EU €10 euros Shipping outside of EU estimate of maximum € 22.

50% infill, 5 perimiters (2mm wall thickness) and 0.1500 layer height.

They feel really great on a flat deck like a trampa board! And can even replace bindings. They can fit multiple decks because the pads are flexible and the TPE can be cut rather easily with a sharp knive or scissors. You can attach them with strong double sided flexible tape or glue them on.

Here are some examples from forum members:

Build with modified Jonny1983 concave pads by Taz: Trampa 12s7p, VESC6, 6374 sk8, e-toxx mini gear drive

Jonny1983 concave pads on sedmii’s build:

Credit to jonny1983 on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3227325

What infill percentage and resolution did you use?

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50% infill, 5 perimiters (2mm wall thickness) and 0.1500 layer height. The 2mm wall thickness and 50% infill makes it near to solid but just so that its still a slight bit cushioning.

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Bump €25 excl shipping

Totally unrelated, but I would like to know do you have a pic of the mounted baseplate of the davegax?

Np haha, you can see some pics here or on davega.eu

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Bump €20 excl. shipping

I am interested pm sent

Sorry pads are already sold, thread can be closed.

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