(WTS) (UK) Super flexy deck, MBS Bindings, Gullwing Sidewinders & Belted Dual 6374s 200kv

Unfinished build (sadly) for sale, but it’s never going to get finished.

I’d rather sell it as a whole, but i’d consider splitting it up too.

The deck is a super flexy Never Summer (Descent?) jobbie, with MBS Bindings. It is rated at upto 100kg, which I am, and it is seriously bouncy as it is part fibreglass. It’s had hols drilled for bindings, which have then been filled, and it has been painted with truck bed liner, but it has been sanded back and will need repainting.

The trucks (never ridden) are 10" Sidewinders, extended lengthways (by me) to take the dual 6374s and in in diameter to take the standard trampa bearings for the wheels.

The mounts are made by me, and have idlers. I have no idea what the gear ratio is, maybe 16/62?

The hubs (never ridden) are from Trampa, the “gummies” are not - they are cast in Urethane by me and are probably unrideable.

The 6374s are 200kv, I got the off @bigben ages ago, and they have been redrilled for bigger grub screws and they’ve been spun in my lathe to polish them up. I added the stickers because i like them, if you don’t, peel them off and you have some nice polished cans. The polish job isn’t perfect, but is nice. They’ve never been run by me bar running detection.

The Pelican case is NOT included, but i do have a dual Flipsky 4.2 (in the case) that i haven’t got a picture of, but is included (the batteries in the box and the BMS i’m keeping for another project).

Retail pricing of everything at the moment is:

  • 4 x Hubs @ £30
  • 2 x Trucks @ £70ish
  • 2 x Motors @ £100ish each
  • Dual 4.2 @ £120ish
  • Deck & Bindings @ no idea

The whole lot I’d want maybe £225 + shipping? The drivetrain & Flipsky 4.2 (everything minus the deck) say £175 + shipping? The drivetrain only (everything minus the deck & Flipsky 4.2) say £125 + shipping?

Paypal (obviously) I don’t mind friends and family or standard payment, but you pay the fees

And if you want to make me a (sensible) offer, go for it :slight_smile:


Hey Man,

I’m interested in the lot, £200 via paypal F&F sound good?

I’m London based, so can pick up if you’re nearby, or we can work out postage.

Looking at my first build and with some parts I have already, this should be a great start.