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[WTS US] 10s3p 40T battery - $299 + S&H (bonus deck?)

Built for a board that did not see many miles, though I’d free some space


  • equivalent of 3 full cycles, verified balance after (8 partial cycles over short trips, between 20% and 80% charge). Stored at 37V for the last several weeks


  • Samsung 40T cells (new)
  • pure 15mm x 0.2mm nickel
  • DALY 15A split port 10s BMS


  • folded nickel series connections
  • parallel connection on negative end, folded over can for balance tabs, welded ontop of series connections
  • double insulated positive terminals
  • 5.5mm series bridge and terminations, XT60U adapter included
  • 6 pin (5s) balance lead on blocks, 11 pin (10s) adapter included
  • continuous fish paper wrap and single piece shrink wrap on blocks
  • 3.5mm bullet BMS leads
  • 2pin JST charge connector
  • waterproof 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel charge port


  • blocks: 381mm x 69mm x 23mm
  • total: 395mm x 175mm x 23mm


  • $299 plus shipping (TBD) and fees ($9)
  • shipping via UPS or FedEx ground in contiguous 48 states only
  • 3x same batch spare cells for $19


  • blocks feel solid AF, they do not bend under their own weight
  • blocks can be soaced or rotated to accommodate enclosure dimensions, small ESCs or other componentscan be placed between blocks


  • Tomiboi V1 integrated drop mount deck, damaged lid
  • Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz
  • Size: 38.25"x9.5"
  • Wheel base: 29.25"
  • donations accepted and will be forwarded to Tomi
  • leaves plenty of room for dual ESC

image image image image