[WTS US] custom dual motor eskate $1000 shipped

As much as I love this board it just doesn’t feel right for me and I really want to get an OneWheel XR, and I don’t have enough cash on hand to buy one which means this HAS to sell first. There is nothing wrong with it and I will warranty (free service) the battery for any inexplicable failure for the first 4 months. The top end is 30 MPH and you’re looking at 20 miles of range.

This is the absolute lowest price I can go, and it’s non-negotiable. $1000 shipped in the 48 states, buyer pays G&S fee and shipping insurance since they are optional, shipping to Canada is possible and I’ll cover the first $40 of shipping. It comes with the remote and a US socket charger, it’s ready to go and you can hit the streets the moment you get it. If you’re willing to meet within a 50 mile radius of Newark Delaware you can test ride it and take it home with you.

Realistically if you wanted to make this yourself it’s around $1800 in parts and battery building, the whole board has about 100 to 150 miles on it and it’s in good shape, as far as I’m aware this is an amazing deal. To be up front and fair the motors and mounts have some damage from when the wheels were smaller and it was drop mounted but there’s nothing wrong with them, the ESC and wheel pulleys have some extra wear because I got them used but they are none the worse for wear and it’s nothing to worry of, the deck is the prototype variant but all that means is I had to remove a little material for the battery to fit (that expansion comes stock not so it’s not like it’s weak).

I can sell it with a brand new 12s4p P42A with a smart BMS in a waterproof top mount case with a built in BMS as an external battery, I would wire in a parallel combiner to the ESC so as long as both are the same voltage you can plug it in and triple the range, plus it has enough current to max the motors out at 3000W each. If you buy the board I will include it for $600 at no additional shipping cost and will wire in the combiner. The mounting solution is up to you, I’d suggest casing some flats on the deck with epoxy and adhering with dual lock.

Part Name
Battery Building 12s2p single layer
Bearings zealous classic
Belts 320mm HTD5M 12mm
Bluetooth metr pro unity
BMS ltt 12s 20a
Bushings riptide 93a krank with washer
Cells molicel p42a
Charger yzpower 50.4v 2a
Deck tomiboi v2 puddin pop prototype
ESC enertion focbox unity
Hardware misc bolts/nuts/washers/screws
Motor Mounts dickyho
Motor Pulleys dickyho 15t steel
Motors bkb 190kv 6354
Remote flipsky vx1
Trucks caliber ii
Wheel Pulleys bkb 44t
Wheels bkb 97mm


Tomboi esk8 deck, right? Looks pretty cool. GLWS


Yup yup, the V2 Puddin’ Pop prototype, I got the V1 behind my door still, been using it as a test platform for a while now

Thanks! I hope it gets a new home soon


Still selling it?

Currently pending for exchange with an OneWheel XR


You are a sick sick person.


Lol, I met the guy in Discord and he was like “I wanna get back into DIY eskate but I don’t want to start from scratch”, it would seem skatan has smiled in my favor


You gon 20S focing swap that SOB right?

Haha I might, for now it’s gonna stay stock though. I definitely need new cosmetics but if something happens to the internals I’m for sure modding the hell out of it

It’s got 1200 miles on it so the tire and battery will have to be exchanged but it’s the 4212 so I can’t tamper too much with it unless I full send it (honestly at that point I would just go all out with full custom parts and an internal gear drive


Bump! I can sell this with a 60 mi battery for $1800!

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