[WTS - US East] DIY complete dual hub longboard - $279 plus S&H

Need more room in the quiver and more cash in the wallet. I’d like to upgrade a slot into a better board so I’m selling this, technically it’s my first completed board but it’s actually my 5th?

23 MPH top speed, 12 mile range, 16 lbs 12 oz

The performance and handling on this is really nice, it’s by far the smoothest and most easy riding board I have. Currently running dual sensors, it’s a really clean startup. The battery has a fair few cycles and the hubs have seen some miles, but they don’t show their age unless it’s a big hill. The ESC has been recently replaced, it has not had any problems since then.

Comes as is (1x complete board w/o charger, 2x remotes), starting by asking for $279 plus shipping. Since it has a battery I would prefer you send me a printable shipping via ground label.

Offers within reason will be accepted

Sector 9 ‘The Bullet’ deck
Psychotiller Flagship V2 ABS enclosure
90mm KooWheel rear hubs and hangar
90mm ABEC clone wheels and Paris clone hangar
10s2p 25R bypassed battery
Meepo (LingYi) V2 ESC with heat sink
Meepo V2 and NR remotes
Shielded 5.5x2.1 charge port

Disclosure note: you can get wheel bite if you run loose bushings (currently cone/barrel) at max turn

image image image image

You’ll have more visibility posting to the other forum I think, it’s a nice price :wink:

Thanks! Yeah I got it on the other forum, still no real bites on either though

Sunny day cruising, this could be you or someone you know :grin:

how much???


I’m looking to get $279, I will cover the shipping on it within the US. For another $10 I’ll include a 42V 2A charger to go with it

Where on the east are you located. I’m in NY, long island

I’m sending it from Newark DE 19711, but currently it’s being paid for

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Most of it got sold off, can one of the mods close this?