{WTS} US | Focbox Unity | 12s4p 30q pack |

Hi guys, selling some stuff, never used. PM me for offers

Focbox Unity $290

12s4p samsung 30q custom flexible battery pack made by MHBoards with standard charge only BMS, will include a 4A charger using 5.5x2.1 charge port $350

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Go to the forum and post this there

You will sell much quicker


Is the unity still available cause it’s very tempting.

Hey is the battery still available? If it is from where are you from.

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Unity sold, battery still available

Cycles on the battery? Is it balanced? What enclosure did you use?

Battery still available?

of cycles (or maybe 1-2 cycles for battery maintenance = never used)?

Dimensions are critical for me. From your diagram measurements and converting to metric I arrive at 502mm total length including the BMS, 136mm width, and how thick is the battery pack (if it is straight single layer and the batteries are not stacked offset - judging by the length I don’t think that it is - it should be about 20mm thick but I have never dealt with a flexible pack before)? Can you confirm these dimensions, assuming you still have the battery, please?

I got 250 on the battery if dont grab something else