(WTS US): Metroboard X - Like New!


I am looking to sell my like new MBX. I did ample research on what to buy starting in January. By end of March, I decided the MBX was the ticket for me. I contacted Illan and got my order placed. It arrived in the beginning of June. Since then I have put mayyybe 40 miles on it or just about two full charges. Therefore it is not even broken in yet. I rode on clean easy flowing concrete bike paths on only nice sunny days. Never off roaded etc.

I am selling this because I am working more than I thought and when I do have some spare time I find myself gravitating toward my E-Bike much more as I like to go on off road trails. Because of this, the MBX does not see enough use to justify keeping it. It would be more appropriate to let someone else enjoy it.

I ordered this with AT wheels only along with the RipTide 93A/90A bushings (+$75.00) The cost of this is $2,574.00 +$75.00 (bushing upgrade) + $100.00 shipping = $2749.00. Also, if you happen to be a WA resident add 10% to that bringing it right to $3,000.00. On top of that, Illan is running a two to three month build time.

My Price: $2350.00 shipped (lower 48 USA only).

Please email: axis cls at gmail dot com to purchase or if you have questions.

Thank you!

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You have a better shot selling it at the other forum, almost everyone from here has gone there.Good luck with the sale, wish i had the money, great board.


SOLD! Thank you!