[WTS US] Ownboard Trucks, motors, ESC, 2x Remotes, Cloudwheels

Ownboard pieces, I rode less than 350miles and the battery died on me twice, the deck got cracked. Fuck Ownboard. Selling these pieces in basically perfect condition

  • ESC + 2 Remotes > $80
  • Trucks + motors (these are the big ones) > $120
  • Cloudwheels (slight wear) > $75
  • Brand new bamboo ownboard deck (untouched) > $85
  • New but dead battery (black tar) > $150

Local pickup in Bay Area or Ship with USPS.

If someone wants to pickup the whole thing for a diy project (only add new battery w/ or w/o and esc) I can add an extra 40" deck everything for $450.

Pics soon.

If anyone would like to salvage the board, would be able to make the replacement battery

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Zack is very knowledgeable and helpful, highly recommended if you go that way. I won’t DIY requires too much time and effort for me right now.

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Do you have pictures of what’s available?

Can the esc run 12s? And size of motors? I’ll buy those if it can run 12s