[WTS][US][SF] Dual Motor 5055 Belt Kit

Brand new, never used dual motor belt kit with 5055 motors rated at 270KV. Located in SF

Got these for a build that I never completed. Wound up going in a different direction, so I’m putting them up for sale.

  • 5055 270KV motors
  • 83mm Flywheel style wheels
  • 35T wheel pulleys
  • 13T motor pulleys
  • 10" trucks

These are the components used on the Riptide boards. Make me an offer! I can ship but prefer a local sale to someone in the Bay Area.

Those are the same as the DIYE ones so I wouldn’t trust them very much, but if you’d ship them across to the East Coast for $75 I got a longboard that could do with an upgrade

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I can’t go that low, but thank you for your interest.

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If you ever change your mind… :wink:

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Will do, thank you again for your interest! I’m in no rush to sell and will likely keep this for a badass second build as a daily rider or commuter board.

If anyone does have interest in purchasing this (for a reasonable amount lol) just shoot me a PM. Hopefully this can help someone out. Cheers!

This item has been sold

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