[WTS][US-Southern CA] Complete DIY Psychotiller Board: Samsung 30Q 10s6p battery, 2x 6369 200kV Maytech motors, Six-shooters and more

Hello, everyone. I am selling my complete Psychotiller board because I am making room for an ebike.

I paid about $2000 for the build. I would like to sell it for half at $1000. Shipping you probably be a nightmare, so I’d like to sell this locally. I live in Ventura County. I can meet you half way if you live in Los Angeles, Irvine, etc.

If you are a Frontline or First Responder worker, I will give you a discount that we can discuss.

Deck: Caldera by RedEmber

Trucks: Torqueboards 218mm with fixed rear motor mount

Wheels: Psychotiller Six Shooters with 6 inch pneumatic tires

Wheels 2 - Electric Boogaloo: Abec 107 SuperFly

Motors: 2x Maytech 6369 200kV

Battery: 10s6p Samsung 30Q pack with charge-only BMS (assembled by Psychotiller). The cables have been upgraded to handle a 5A charger at 42V

VESCs: 2x SuperEsc by Maytech

Enclosure: The Argonaut by Psychotiller

Chargers: 4A and 2A chargers at 42V.

I’m not sure what the mileage is, but the battery pack is so large that I don’t think it’s been through more than 30-40 cycles. I rarely ran the battery below 30%.

It still runs like that champ. The motors are stealthier noise-wise than my old Dark Matter 6374s that broke on me. The power band for acceleration is also a lot smoother.


Its a nice build…

Eventually could do with an upgrade on the ESC department…

But otherwise a great option for anyone who inst super keen on building their own DIY but wants all the coolest DIY brands