On snap it’s my my turn to make a ‘I’m leaving esk8 post’?

Here goes nothing

This thread is for selling my most recent build, Kids See Boosted. I’ve had diminishing interest in esk8ing for awhile now, and I figure I could put this money to better use.

Here are pictures of it I took today:

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Deck: Loaded Vanguard Flex 2 - Skinned by @sender

ESCs: Dual NEObox v6s

Battery: 10s3p Samsung 30t + Daly BMS + 7a charging fuse

Enclosures: Eboosted vanguard 10s4p 18650 combo set (battery + ESC)

Drivetrain: Elofty first gen motors (includes front and rear trucks, as well as kegel adapters)

Wheels: Torqueboards 110mm 74a Arctic Blue

Remote: Beta OSRR from @DerelictRobot (if you buy this you will also recieve either the upgrade kit, or the ability to purchase a production OSRR for a discounted price)

Charger: Vruzend 3a charger

Other electronics: Davega X

This is the results the esk8 calculator provides me with for this build


In the interest of transparency, I’d like to let it be known that this board is 100% functional, but there are 3 things I would do if I were one of you about to buy this from me:

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1: I would replace the xt-60 splitter I’ve made for the dual Neoboxes - it’s not weather resistant at all, and hasn’t been an issue since I only ride when it’s dry outside.

2: I would add a gasket to the front enclosure - As it stands now the battery enclosure should be impregnable to water since I’ve spooged silicone up to the top of the enclosure, but extra protection never hurt.

3: The ESC phase wires should have their connections resoldered - it was my first try soldering 12awg to an mr60 and it wasn’t the cleanest. Once again it should be fine for dry riding, but not for wet riding.

(Also, to touch up the deck where my shoes have damaged the paint on the sides, @sender has recommended simply using a “Sharpie broad tip oil pen” and 220 grit sandpaper to ‘touch up’ the areas.)

I think that a fair asking price for this is $1150 + shipping & PP fees. I am willing to part out, but only if all the part groups are spoken for.

If it will be parted out, the prices are as follows:

Drives + trucks + wheels = $300 + shipping & PP fees - wheels dibs’d by @ZachTetra & motors dibs’d by @kook

Deck = $200 + shipping & PP fees

Battery + both enclosures = $250 + shipping & PP fees

Remote = $120 + shipping & PP fees - Dibs’d by @DEEIF

Davega = $80 + shipping & PP fees - dibs’d by @abusfullofnuns

Neoboxes: $200 + shipping & PP fees - dibs’d by @soflo

As for the serious tag, this thread exists to sell this board. Please keep messages on topic.

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This thread already exists on the other forum, I have reposted it here to hopefully find a buyer for the Deck and Battery/enclosure parts to be parted out.